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Slides from Going Mobile – Flash Gaming Summit 2012

View the presentation’s recording from Flash Gaming Summit 2012 View more presentations from Nate Beck.

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Send us your Tiff files!

Back in April of 2010 we introduced ZaaIL, which was an Alchemy port of the open source C DevIL image library. ZaaIL was released to our labs as simply an experimental project to serve a specific purpose and to also allow for us to learn the ins and outs of Adobe’s Alchemy project. Since our […]

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ZaaImbue, A dead-simple injection system for Flash

Yesterday in the PushButton Engine IRC channel, we were discussing our need for metadata based injection for the next version of PushButton Engine. While developing Eden, we encountered a similar problem and ended up writing our own injection system. We’re fond of it, and wanted to use it in PBE… so we open sourced it. […]

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ZaaLabs on RIARadio

We had the opportunity to go on RIARadio this past weekend to talk about the Eden Platform. Check it out over here… or listen to it below:

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ZaaLabs T-Shirts!

Our ZaaLabs T-Shirts just showed up… and they are, dare I say it… Legendary! Exhibit A: And for those of you who need to see the shirt on a model… here’s the lovely Erin showing us how to rock this awesome t-shirt. How can I get one? There will be three of us wearing this […]

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Adobe Flex to JavaScript… why Conversion is Hard

I recently had a conversation with Simeon Bateman regarding the woes of mobile web development. We realized one of the reasons why Flex developers as in general have a hard time embracing JavaScript development. The Problem The particular JavaScript quirk we were discussing was window.innerHeight functions on mobile devices.  During our development on mobile devices, […]

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Adobe Flash ExternalInterface issues with Internet Explorer

On a recent project, I was asked to build a simple Flash mp3 player that could be controlled with JavaScript by using ExternalInterface.  I built and tested the whole application in under an hour and was feeling pretty good about myself.  QA filed a bug saying that JavaScript was throwing an error, and it only […]

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Finding celebrity locations via Twitter — Celebrity Exif data mining

:: UPDATE :: Nate Beck gave a presentation on this topic at Ignite Seattle 13, here’s the video. Last week one of my favorite video podcasts, Hak5, had a segment on Exif data mining (Episode 721). In the episode Rob Fuller (a.k.a. Mubix) shared his experience, how his images contained unwanted GPS information embedded in […]

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The WOPR running on Adobe AIR 2

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite movies of all time is WarGames with Matthew Broderick. If you haven’t seen it, Netflix has it available on instant watch… go now… watch it… I’ll wait. … Alright, awesome movie huh?! One of the characters in the movie is Joshua, also known as […]

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Compiling ZaaIL with Alchemy – Part 1

Compiling ZaaIL with Alchemy – Part 1 Compiling ZaaIL with Alchemy – Part 2 Compiling ZaaIL with Alchemy – Part 3 This post is to help share the bits of knowledge we gained about Alchemy while porting DevIL to the Flash Platform. Alchemy is an ingenious tool that is used to port C/C++ code onto […]

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