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Finding celebrity locations via Twitter — Celebrity Exif data mining

:: UPDATE :: Nate Beck gave a presentation on this topic at Ignite Seattle 13, here’s the video. Last week one of my favorite video podcasts, Hak5, had a segment on Exif data mining (Episode 721). In the episode Rob Fuller (a.k.a. Mubix) shared his experience, how his images contained unwanted GPS information embedded in […]

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The WOPR running on Adobe AIR 2

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite movies of all time is WarGames with Matthew Broderick. If you haven’t seen it, Netflix has it available on instant watch… go now… watch it… I’ll wait. … Alright, awesome movie huh?! One of the characters in the movie is Joshua, also known as […]

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ZaaIL in the Wild – Random Fractals Image Zoomer

It’s really cool when you get to see one of your projects being used by other developers. Taras Novak of Random Fractals has released his next version of Image Zoomer (v. 0.2), which is a really cool Flex 4 application that allows the user to move bitmap data around, zoom in on it, etc… simple, but […]

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ImageConverter – ZaaIL Example

Using ZaaIL (see our other post), we are now able to support the loading of around 40 image formats directly into Flash. Full source included, and licensed under the MIT License. [NOTE] ZaaIL is still in development… we haven’t been able to test every format yet… so some listed formats may or may not work. […]

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Introducing ZaaIL – 40+ Image format support for Flash

:: UPDATE :: We’re currently are testing a new Image Parser called ZaaTiff, we need your help. :: ORIGINAL POST :: Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of work with images and bitmaps… and I grew very frustrated with the lack of image support built into the player. After a having a conversation with my […]

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