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Ninjatude – Main Character Wardrobe

So we’re conceptualizing what wardrobe our main character is going to wear in Ninjatude. Since a name hasn’t been finalized yet, we will refer to the main character as “The Ninja” Set #1 Set #2 We’d love to hear your thoughts. Cheers, The ZaaLabs Ninjatude Team

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What the heck is Eden?

Eden has been discontinued, this post is here for posterity’s sake So we’ve been talking a lot about the Eden Platform, but people are still confused about what it is. This video is a tour of Eden, specifically showing how it is being used in the development process of PushButton Labs’ upcoming game, Grunts: Skirmish.

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Announcing Ninjatude

This morning I would like to announce publicly that we’re currently developing a new cross-platform, cross-device game code named: Ninjatude. Ninjatude is being built on top of the latest Adobe Flash / Adobe AIR platform. In a place known as The Forest (at least by the locals), there exists a clan of Ninja Squirrels who […]

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